About Us

Appletree and Avalon is the first exclusively UK made & eco-friendly independent Home & Gift store. We provide our customers with simple everyday alternatives from single use plastic to easy sustainable swaps that are high in quality and are better in helping to support our natural world. 

Appletree and Avalon was created to offer customers the choice to shop consciously in an ever-increasing commodity and throwaway society. We want to encourage everyone to look at alternative product choices & show even consumers not bought into climate change, that by shopping with us, you can make a difference without even realising!

We understand that making a change can sometimes feel overwhelming and that you might not know where to start or that information can be confusing. 

Appletree and Avalon want to show customers, that it may not be as scary as they might think and that there are some really great products readily available on your doorstep!

We’re different because we spend a lot of time ensuring that we source & partner with suppliers who manufacture solely in the U.K.

This means that we can maintain a low carbon footprint by not importing goods from abroad and can support local small businesses or artisans as well as bigger brands

We are the only UK business to be uniquely supporting UK manufacturers as well as the environment through our products, brands, packaging and causes. We do not use single use plastic.

Our Ethos is clear:

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To maintain a low carbon footprint by working with suppliers who manufacture only in the U.K.

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To give back where possible by supporting important causes or charities

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To champion small business and support local handmade craft

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To put nature and the world we live in at front of mind​

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

To move together, towards a zero-waste way of life for our future

Our Promise

We understand that everyone’s journey and tastes are different but we aim to offer good quality products that are environmentally friendly and are easy to use.

Appletree and Avalon want to be authentic and fully transparent with our valued customers at all times so that you can build trust with us as a retailer

We want to be able to give you the confidence, that when you spend your money with us, that your conscious contribution and choice has not only made an impact on a small local U.K. business but that it is truly supporting the natural environment and reducing the global carbon footprint


We’re fully aware of the global impacts and issues we all face across the planet and wholeheartedly support all efforts to improve, protect or nurture our diverse ecosystems, but after much consideration for now, we have decided to dedicate our time and contribute towards a British Charity where we feel we can truly make a difference on our home ground. 

As part of the nationwide movement of Wildlife Trusts with more than 800,000 members & 35,000 volunteers across the UK, Appletree and Avalon have chosen the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire as their charity partner.

The Wildlife Trust and Appletree and Avalon have clear synergies in our ethos and vision to help protect and restore our wonderful wildlife and wild landscapes including woodlands, nature reserves, rivers & more

”We need nature and it needs us”

As we are based in Northamptonshire, we wanted to directly support our local Wildlife Trust where we can be more effective and hands on to make a real difference protecting vital habitats for wildlife and continue inspiring people to help nature’s recovery for all generations now and in the future. This felt that it was the right thing to do, given that the cause is less known than others & still just as important for our futures.

The Wildlife Trust BCN manage over 100 nature reserves across the counties of Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire, as well as engaging people through their activity centres, talks, events & lots more as part of the nationwide movement of Wildlife Trusts where will also get involved.

Please click the icon below to read more about the wonderful work they do

“Nature urgently needs our help to recover. And it can be done.” – Sir David Attenborough

You help even further by making a purchase with Appletree & Avalon

Through our wonderful brands, we are also proud to be helping to support a wide variety of causes and charities across the globe and hope to continue to build on this in the future, where with your help, we can access wider opportunities to support other foundations, charities & causes ourselves & through others. Every purchase counts & makes a difference & we are grateful for every single one. Thank you.

We’ve picked some of our current favourites for you to have a bit of a read about below:


Everything starts somewhere. Small changes do mean something. 

We need help to change people’s perceptions of the climate emergency & guide others to make positive swaps for the planet when they are searching for alternatives. 

If we all buy better, we will be helping our natural world. 

That’s why when you do something great, we want to hear about it & why we have set up the ‘Buy Better for Nature’ campaign!

Just tag #buybetterfornature & let’s build a community to help share knowledge, ideas & show others how easy it is to buy better, with nature in mind.


We ourselves, are a small online only independent supporting UK Manufacturers, small local businesses and artisans. We are a part of the campaign to help raise awareness & to encourage consumers to buy from artists, designers & independent shops (online & the high street)  to emphasis just how invaluable every single purchase is to these small businesses.

We want to take our time to thank YOU for all of your support. We couldn’t do this without you & we really appreciate every purchase. We know our partners, causes, charities & brands do too! You know what they say; lets spread some happy dancing ! 

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