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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Firstly, people are often shocked to hear first that my day job is a PE teacher and Head of Year. However, behind this nonstop role, I am a 32 year old Husband, eco-warrior and part time explorer. I set up Discover Eco in 2021. I’ve always been reasonably eco conscious but I felt I could do more. I wanted to show people how easy it was to transition from a ‘normal’ modern day life into a life which is more eco friendly and sustainable.

Where can people follow your blog?

Instagram / Twitter: @discover_eco

I’ve also recently joined YouTube!

Discover eco


What made you start your blog?

During the second COVID lockdown at the beginning of 2021 I was reflecting on my personal impact on the world. I’ve always imagined myself to be fairly eco conscious. Growing up I’d spent a lot of time outside in the great outdoors and had spent time at eco festivals with my family. However, one day I was thinking that during these periods of lockdowns I had personally saved a lot of money from not having to commute to work each day. This triggered a domino effect, everything I looked at around the house got me thinking, ‘is that the best I can do?’, ‘Where else can I save money’. This mindset quickly changed to how can I help save the planet!

What are your thoughts on Climate Change?

Honestly, I’m very worried. We could be the last generation to see the world in all its beauty as we know it. I recently wrote about how modern day society is currently paying the debt we owe to the earth after the industrial revolution. However, we are struggling to repay that debt soon enough and there is no way of writing that debt off. If we do not makes drastic changes soon then the next generation could pay for it with their lives. Climate change awareness is slowly but surely gathering the momentum it needs to. The world in 2022 is a scary place and it feels that we are at a tipping point. My aim is to promote how to live a sustainable life but to also educate others about the impact climate change will have on us all if we do not act now.

Have you changed much about your lifestyle?

My journey to living and discovering eco began with waste. Whether it was from spending weeks at home due to lockdown. My household was filling the landfill bin to the point it was spilling over every fortnight. This had to change. At first I established what should be recycled and then began to use the compost scheme our local county council provided. Within the space of 3 months I had established a routine which resulted in our landfill bin being only a third full after a 2 week period. I then began finding eco swaps which would replace items once they had served their purpose and could not be reused. I found that the kitchen and the bathroom were the places in the home which were guilty of mainly plastic waste. An eco swap here an eco swap there resulted in a radically different cooking and bathroom experience. Finally, my diet has changed to a more plant based option. I used to be a big meat eater. Almost every meal I had other than breakfast had meat. This had to change. Plant based alternatives came in and not only did I save money but I lost weight and just felt healthier. My final lifestyle change will hopefully be occurring later this year as I move from a petrol-hybrid car to a fully electric vehicle. I will be posting a lot about this journey as its one that the majority of people will make very soon.

What sort of reactions do you get from people who come across this?

The majority of people I speak to want to know more. My mission is to educate not to criticise. Afterall, 18 months ago I was doing the same thing. If I can offer people some advice or an easy habit they can pick up then I feel my mission to help more people discover eco is heading in the right direction.

Discover Eco

What changes have you found the hardest to make and what have you done to overcome them?

The hardest aspect I have found on this journey isn’t one individual change. It has been trying to make the changes stick, to become habits. We are all guilty sometimes of taking the more convenient option. We live busy lives after all. However, once you encourage yourself to avoid those ‘easy’ options then not only do you feel better but the world has a tiny weight taken off its shoulders.

What is your biggest fear about the future?

My biggest fear is that governments will continue listening to lobbyist’s from oil cooperation’s and not to the people of the countries which they govern. Ultimately we could all lose due to the greed of a very small percentage of the world.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I grew up watching Ray Mears and continue to be inspired by David Attenborough.

What is the one thing you would like people to take away from this?

To ensure that the little eco voice inside their head speaks a little bit louder. A quote I recently read was ‘ I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.’ Jana Stanfield
For me this is all I want people to think each time they are prevented with a choice, is this is a good decision?

Do you have any advice for Appletree and Avalon?

Keep doing an amazing job. Supplying amazing products for people to help not only the consumers but the world at the same time. A dream I have is to buy a fully electric van and turn it into a refill van so people can refill their soaps, cereal etc. Maybe you’ll beat me to it!

Bitesize Blog

What a fab idea that would be! Some great advice here from Discover Eco, with some real life examples of how you too can adapt in small ways to make a big difference. What have you changed to recently?

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