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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m Loz and I’m a 20-something creator and writer specialising in sustainability and wellbeing. I’m also the founder of Positively Loz; a platform dedicated to teaching you how to look after yourself and the planet. A total creative at heart, I love to write and paint – I even have a degree in Illustration! I am also incredibly passionate about nature and wildlife. You will find me spending my weekends in my wellies, bird-watching and exploring local wild areas around me!

Where can people follow your blog?

You can find everything you need on my website here: Or, alternatively, come and say hi to me on my Instagram @PositivelyLoz!

Bitesize blog


What made you start your blog?

I began Positively Loz in 2019. I had just finished Uni and I wanted to share my journey towards sustainability. But, whilst educating myself on environmental issues, I started to see how the wellbeing of the Earth and ourselves are intrinsically linked. I realised that for everything to thrive we needed to take care of both! I have a background in mindfulness, intentional living, and holistic wellbeing, and I’ve since drawn on these things to develop my goal. Now, Positively Loz is a platform that explores ways in which we can bridge the gap between sustainability and self-care in order to protect ourselves and the planet!

What are your thoughts on Climate Change?

Climate Change is a serious problem. Unfortunately, we have yet to persuade Governments and big corporations to see just how serious it is, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless. Instead of burying our heads in the sand, we need to realise that even the smallest change really does make a difference. So, whilst we continue fighting to have our voices heard, we must still do what we can to reduce the damage we have and are causing to our planet.

Have you changed much about your lifestyle?

Oh plenty, and I’m still making changes now! I don’t think you can ever be truly ‘perfect’ when it comes to living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle – not in current Western society anyway! So, I think there are always changes you can be making along the way. So far, I have reduced my plastic consumption a LOT, become pescatarian, and I have changed the way I shop, doing my best to buy from small, sustainable businesses only. The biggest change I’ve made, however, is cutting out fast-fashion completely. I have only bought second-hand and/or sustainable clothes for the past two years now and it has been an amazing change! But, I know I still have plenty more changes to make.

What sort of reactions do you get from people who come across this?

To be fair, I think a lot of people are now learning that sustainable living is the way forward. Many people I come into contact with are also on their own environmental journeys, and there is a large community that supports each other which I appreciate. Of course, we do tend to surround ourselves with likeminded people, so it’s necessary to remember that not everyone has started their journey yet. I’ve definitely experienced the defensive, negative comments from people who refuse to acknowledge that they could be trying harder. But, for the most part people are accepting and interested!

Bitesize blog

What changes have you found the hardest to make and what have you done to overcome them?

I would definitely say my diet has been the hardest thing to change. I have IBS and I’ve struggled with vitamin deficiencies and other health issues in the past. This means that although I’d love to be completely vegan or vegetarian it just hasn’t been possible for me. But, I think it is so important to not feel too guilty for things that you can’t control. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a privilege, society doesn’t favour eco-friendly choices, so sometimes it just isn’t possible to do as much as we would like, and that is okay!

What is your biggest fear about the future?

I must admit I have a lot of fears for the future, but my main one would probably be losing our rich and diverse eco-systems. The world is full of magic but it is depleting because people care more about lining their pockets than looking after our world. Soon there won’t be a future to fight for, and that is terrifying.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I honestly don’t have just one person who is my inspiration. I’m inspired by every single person using their voice to fight for our planet and the future. From film-makers and presenters to activists and influencers, there are so many incredible people lighting the way for a better future, and they encourage me to continue the fight daily.

What is the one thing you would like people to take away from this?

Imperfect activism is SO important! You don’t have to be doing everything right, you just have to be doing your best. The phrase ‘every little helps’ may be cheesy, but it couldn’t be more true, so remember to have fun with it! Sustainable living shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun! Get out into nature, explore your local wildlife, see first-hand what you are doing this for. Share tips with a friend, follow blogs, experiment with new things and explore different options. And, most of all, make sure you’re taking care of yourself too.

Do you have any advice for Appletree and Avalon?

Keep doing what you are doing! You’re a fantastic example of how we can all take care of ourselves and the planet at the same time.

Bitesize Blog

Wow, what fabulous insight & great advice from Loz. It’s true that we cant be perfect, but there’s nothing stopping us from trying to adapt. What do you think?

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