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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi I am Matthew and im an American (with an English Accent!) living in Northumberland. I work in energy and environmental management for a nationwide college group and in my spare time enjoy photography, and walking with my wife and dog!

Where can people follow your blog?


sustainable womble


What made you start your blog?

I felt that there weren’t many men that blog or who show that they are behind sustainability and waste saving lifestyle changes. I wanted to show to all that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do we can all make a change that will have a difference.

What are your thoughts on Climate Change?

I think its very scary as governments are too scared about the economic consequence of taking it seriously, although the cost and effects could be much worse if we don’t act in time. I am encouraged by the change I have seen in he last 2 years and believe humans can do anything they put their mind to we have 10 years to change the course of our planet for the better.

Have you changed much about your lifestyle?

I have changed everything and nothing at the same time, I have been vegan for over 2 years, I drive an electric car, I have switched my gas & electricity to 100% renewable. As I have been doing everything in small steps like switching to a safety razor it feels like I haven’t changed much and just doing it gradually.

What sort of reactions do you get from people who come across this?

I get really positive ones and had people say its nice to see men being more conscious of the issue. My colleagues have a little fun with me and call me “the womble” haha which is where the inspiration for the name came from.
I do love talking about things, for example, here’s me (below) giving a speech to delegates on sustainability in education.

sustainable womble

What changes have you found the hardest to make and what have you done to overcome them?

Staying motivated, its too easy sometimes easy to fall back in to old habits and routines. I keep up to date with what people like me are doing on social media and in the press and this spurs me on to keep doing what I am passionate about.

What is your biggest fear about the future?

That we will have missed the target and then there is little we can do to save the planet

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Lizzie Carr (@lizzie_outside) she has totally changed her life from the city, overcome life changing circumstances to inspire us all to change our life styles and reduce our impact on the planet. She is a true ambassador for the planet and if you don’t follow her go ahead she is amazing!

What is the one thing you would like people to take away from this?

What ever small and seemingly insignificant change you make it’s a positive and if we can all do this it will have a significant impact.

Do you have any advice for Appletree and Avalon?

Keep doing what your doing as its amazing! :=)

Bitesize Blog

What great insight! It’s amazing getting another perspective on things. What do you think? If you have any questions for Matthew, please ask below & if you want to check out more about his work, please follow the links above.

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