Getting to know our Founder

I’ve always been aware of how I see the world. I have felt at times as though I see it differently from most. A true believer that there really is beauty in everything. The good, the bad & the ugly!

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Meet the Maker – Moksa

I’m Chloe, a Mama, a lover of food, a keen yogi and traveller, and a natural skincare maker.
This is me at my very first market!
Moksa (prounounced moksha).
Mokṣa is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, bliss and inner peace. I was inspired bu the name whilst spending time in an Ashram in beautiful India.

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Why Carbon offsetting shouldn’t be used as an excuse

There was a Panorama documentary on the BBC this week about air flight and it really got us thinking even more about how most businesses seem to choose profit over the planet in so many cases. It’s evident that a lot of companies are capitalising on climate change without actually putting their money where their mouth is!

In the programme, it was uncovered that British Airways (as an example) emits around 18,000 tonnes of additional carbon dioxide each year by indulging in a practice designed to save money. For operational gains and to save time, it is common practice across the airline industry to carry additional fuel on some flights.

British Airways is one airline. They all have their part to play.

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Isn’t the point that small change is some change?

The world has declared a climate emergency! At least, we know that everyone has recognised that there’s a problem, right?

On some level, I do believe that everyone is aware of this. Whether you choose to believe in the science, support campaigners like Greta Thunberg, or have been unfortunate enough to have witnessed it or been a part of it
Everyone has seen the recent events in the media.

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Meet the Maker – Tilda’s Tribe

My name is Jade. I have two beautiful little girls & a wonderful husband. We all live on a Farm up in Yorkshire, where, we have three dogs, two pigs, six goats and a poultry unit full of free-range chickens! My Passion is my business & creating the perfect life for my family but most importantly making sure we all giggle lots (not taking things too seriously!)

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The facts of the matter

It’s come to our realisation on social media & when talking to our lovely customers that there is a lot of confusion around what it means to be eco-friendly.
Everyone will have a view and everyone is entitled to make their own assumptions and choices, however, we have laid out the hard facts for you here to digest and take an objective view.

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Were our Grandparents right after all?

Now, don’t get us wrong, no one is cringing more than us with what we’re about to say & we’re certainly not suggesting that we head back to the ‘dark ages’, but we have come to the conclusion that some of the ways in which we were taught to do things growing up, may just be helpful in the future.
Technology has come a long way over the last 100 years and its helped us develop phenomenally. However, we don’t seem to have grasped that it’s also made us slightly lazier and introvert at the same time.

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The scariest thing about Halloween

At Appletree and Avalon we’re always looking at ways to help simplify your choices but also give you inspiration or ideas on how to cut out plastic.

Whether you’re brave enough to make things yourself, need support with the vital ingredients or simply just trying to figure it all out, we hope to be able to assist!

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Meet the Maker – Little B

I’m a Berkshire-based mum of 1 (soon to be 2). I love spending time with my little family, we make a good team! I’ve always had a burning desire to start my own business & move away from the corporate grind. I’m not one of these creative types that can turn their hand to making anything so didn’t expect to build a business making, but here I am!

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Why we’re keeping it British

Appletree and Avalon is the only UK exclusive environmentally conscious independent Home & Gift store. At the beginning of our journey, not only were we concerned about the global impact of climate change, but we felt consumed by the ever demanding consumerism faced on British soil & the increasing waste that society is creating with that demand.

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