Why is Palm oil so bad?

It’s not new news that our Rainforests are being destroyed because of the human need & consumption of Palm Oil. Everyone has seen the scene in Wolf of Wallstreet, right? It’s called supply & demand! We need to tackle both.

Why? Well, because amongst lots of things, the last wild orangutans & great apes & many more natural species are being pushed to the brink of extinction.
The problem is, that palm oil is found in roughly half the products sold in all grocery stores and is a major cause of rainforest destruction and human rights abuses.

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Meet the Maker – Neve’s Bees

I’m Julie & after graduating with a Chemistry Degree, and later an MBA I spent 30 years working in corporate marketing for companies such as Unilever and GSK, then various marketing agencies running workshops for Marketing Teams around the world. It was whilst running a workshop in Brazil for McCain chips, the objective of which was to persuade South American mothers to feed their children frozen chips rather than fresh potatoes, that I realised I could be doing soooo much more with my time!

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Let’s stay positive as we move into 2020

With the news breaking over the weekend about Australia, it’s a tough pill to swallow going into 2020 knowing that already so many people and animals are facing what can only be described as ‘hell on earth’. Our hearts go out to all those affected. Just as those in Sudan, the Amazon & all over the world that are still experiencing devastation.
It’s been great to see some ‘celebrities’ starting to speak out and offer help, but whilst that is fantastic, money can sadly only go so far to help the destruction & we can’t help thinking that we need more of these people, celebrities & leaders to live by example as so many of us are starting to do so.
This weekend for example is the prime time for holiday companies to promote their cheapest prices for travel.

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What makes Appletree & Avalon so different?

The first thing to note is that Appletree & Avalon is not a market place.
We don’t want to be, nor will we become a vast line list of products converting shoppers from commodity plastic items, simply to more trend led ‘eco-friendly’ options.
We are an online only independent, passionate about nature, the climate & our planet.

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Getting to know our Founder

I’ve always been aware of how I see the world. I have felt at times as though I see it differently from most. A true believer that there really is beauty in everything. The good, the bad & the ugly!

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Meet the Maker – Moksa

I’m Chloe, a Mama, a lover of food, a keen yogi and traveller, and a natural skincare maker.
This is me at my very first market!
Moksa (prounounced moksha).
Mokṣa is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, bliss and inner peace. I was inspired bu the name whilst spending time in an Ashram in beautiful India.

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Why Carbon offsetting shouldn’t be used as an excuse

There was a Panorama documentary on the BBC this week about air flight and it really got us thinking even more about how most businesses seem to choose profit over the planet in so many cases. It’s evident that a lot of companies are capitalising on climate change without actually putting their money where their mouth is!

In the programme, it was uncovered that British Airways (as an example) emits around 18,000 tonnes of additional carbon dioxide each year by indulging in a practice designed to save money. For operational gains and to save time, it is common practice across the airline industry to carry additional fuel on some flights.

British Airways is one airline. They all have their part to play.

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