Does it Really Matter if Climate Change is Real or Not?

Well, it’s our view at least, that the fact that we’re even talking about it, is a great first step!!

We boldly believe that it is about informed choice.

However, a lot of focus in the media seems to be fixated on debating whether climate change is real or not and not tackling the true issues. This can mean that some people are nervous to commit to change without hearing hard facts or seeing it for themselves.

It can feel very overwhelming and confusing and for some, once the initial panic sets in after learning some of those facts and figures you can begin to feel like you’re not doing enough.

The truth of the matter is that if you are considering changing ‘something’, you are doing ‘something’ worthwhile!

The bigger picture facts are that we should all try hard not to waste water, be more resourceful, shop locally and turn off lights when you’re not using them. Even think about the food that we’re eating and be a bit thriftier!

We get it though, to some of us, you roll your eyes because it’s the sort of things your parents would nag you to do when growing up and it can feel a bit like a telling off and a hard pill to swallow that they may have actually been right!

Seriously though, what sort of world do we want in the future? Take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of life and really think about things. There is actually a huge cash benefit to how much money you could also save by cutting back a little! We are all guilty of taking things for granted and being a little wasteful at times.

Appletree and Avalon are not here to add pressure to anyone but wherever you sit on that fence, we want to try to help everyone to see that even if you are unsure about the impact on the climate that there are some simple, cost-effective ways of becoming more environmentally friendly without really ever thinking about it or making much effort!

It also seems clear to us that a lot of posts across social media seem to start with the same questions:


 Here are some of our easy helpful hints and tips on how to effectively ‘do your bit’ if you are not wanting to jump in feet first and commit to a complete lifestyle overhaul!

There’s a bit in here for everyone no matter where you are on your journey. 


We’ve recently voiced on social media our swap from soap dispensers to soap bars. You need to be sure to set rules on what each soap is used for within the household, but other than that, it really is quite straight forward. We also suggest using a soap saver or soap dish to keep them lasting for several weeks. We have lots of varieties all of which are suitable for vegans and add colour and personality back into your bathroom and kitchen! For those not ready to make the full switch, we also suggest looking at brands such as Bio D, who use recycled plastic packaging which can be reused and recycled after use. They use natural hypoallergenic ingredients meaning that everything is suitable for vegans and most importantly cruelty-free.

tabitha eve organic wipes


Seriously, ditch them now! These are some of the worst products ever invented. Shocker! Yes, they’re really convenient, but out of sight out of mind isn’t really cutting it anymore. We don’t need to insert a picture of a seal, fish or bird to prove the point. These wipes do not disappear after we bin them. We recently have switched back to organic cotton wipes. Yes, they need a little more preparation when out and about but if you can take a reusable bottle with you and some soap (if required), they are just as nifty! Just pop them in the wash or rinse in the sink after use and allow to dry to reuse.


Whether it’s a travel mug, drinks bottle, lunch bag or shopping tote, all of these products are super easy swaps and will save you money over time! They are chemical-free, vegan-friendly and can all be recycled once they’ve been used to the point of no return. With proper care, they should last a long while! We would also suggest looking at beeswax or vegan wraps for wrapping those sandwiches or fruit for the kids! We understand that the initial investment is typically higher than a roll of cling film, but if you think about how much cling film is used vs how long these last for, you really do pay this off quickly and they can be added to your compost or bin when finished with after several months. They even flat-pack too so take up much less room in the drawer and would make Marie Kondo proud!  



It’s quite shocking when you dig into the back of the cupboard and find lots of duplications and unfinished bottles. We’re the first to admit that this was probably our most shocking discovery, but after moving to refillable products, we found again that over time it lasts longer and is easier to maintain. The cleaning products we’ve found are also antibacterial and multiuse meaning you don’t need a bottle for every single appliance or item you need to clean! The glass bottles in our opinion also look a lot prettier and can be washed out and reused time and time again!


If making swaps in the home fills you with dread, our last attempt to show that it is possible for everyone to make small steps towards a cleaner life is planting. Not only do you have the option to grow your own veg or fruit, but with bee bombs and seed bombs, even the kids can get involved! You don’t even need to dig a hole! Winner! These can also be scattered in any size garden or even a planter and once in bloom will help attract bees, insects, and butterflies to help pollinate and attract the wildlife we need for continued growth and sustainability.

Are you convinced? Does it matter? What have been your top swaps and how are you coping with these in our modern world?

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