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I’ve always been aware of how I see the world. I have felt at times as though I see it differently from most. A true believer that there really is beauty in everything. The good, the bad & the ugly!

Never one for gadgets or gizmos, I get joy from the little things. Nature is wonderful & can not only help you mentally & emotionally but getting out & having a simple walk is proven to help you physically too!

What’s not to like?

Sometimes I think were all guilty of getting bogged down with things. Home, work, family & life takes its toll. If I feel like I’m getting in a bad place, as well as reaching out to those closest to me, I really find that spending time outdoors is helpful.

I love exploring new places where for a moment we can get away from the hustle & bustle and enjoy a moment of silence or the musical murmurs of nature

Of course, this is easier in the summer, but whilst others are rushing to their cars in the cold, I often take my time to take in & enjoy the sparkling frost of a clear night. Stars overhead and glitter on every surface

I’ve found it difficult over the years to accept that some people just don’t think the same as me. Is it that we’re all ‘wired’ differently, or is it that some simply do not notice or appreciate the simplicity & beauty surrounding them?

Whatever it is, I hope that for whatever the reason, the awareness of climate change is helping to highlight some of the wonders at our finger tips, and maybe if some haven’t been aware, they will find new solace in helping to protect what we have so that these fantastic freebies from our planet aren’t lost forever

Here are a few of my brief thoughts on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

We are small, but together we can achieve anything

Sometimes its hard to believe that we are a tiny planet in a vast universe. We have all been known to take that for granted. Any change that can be made, will be significant & if you can encourage others around you, we can evolve from where we are today

Don't be afraid to let your creative side come out

Believe it or not, this was the moment my vision for ‘Appletree & Avalon’ was created. Sketches, old magazines and scraps of used cotton fabric. As we get older, we underestimate our abilities to accept change, try a new concept, grow & achieve more We’re all learning together. Share your thoughts & ideas with others Don’t feel guilty for not being 100%. Even if you make small steps towards becoming less wasteful, you are on the journey to success!

Deciding to be more environmentally friendly is a lifestyle choice

It’s unlikely anyone will become completely plastic free overnight, but that’s ok. Replace things as and when you need to & use, reuse & repair good products you do have Invest in quality over convenience & care & nurture your belongings. It may be more expensive initially but will work out cheaper in the long run if you buy right! Try not to waste things & think about the journey that product has been on before purchasing Mass producers & suppliers will start to change their habits if we all influence that change by buying from smaller businesses who do put in extra effort

Build a home for wildlife too

If you find the concept of adapting your lifestyle choices a challenge, why not encourage wildlife into your garden by simply growing more plants & providing food & shelter There really are no excuses for us not to all try something for our planet Anything from seeds to shrubs. This Buddleia in my garden was swarming with bees & butterflies this summer. It’s a hive of colour & creation!

Get out there and spread positivity

Try not to feel overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to experience the world & ask questions. That is how we learn. Let’s all just think how we go about it & be kind. Support one another, look out for nature & together we can coexist & help to slow the impact of climate change so that future generations can experience the wonders of our beautiful planet
Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

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