How to get a better night’s sleep

Turn off your phone

It may sound simple, but I am seriously guilty for this myself. I work solidly all day & even when I ‘relax’, I flick through social media or look at the news!

The bedroom should be for sleeping & intimacy, so try turning your phone off, keep it away from your bedside & cut down on the box sets late into the night

The emails can wait, and you really can do without binging, for one night!


Control your light & keep the temperature cool

If you are like me, you’ll fall asleep on a moving bus, but, even I struggle in the summer to sleep.

The recent hot weather has made it hard for the soundest of sleepers. Make sure your room is kept cool. Open a window or two & change the 13 tog to a sheet! Blackout blinds are also a dream.

So, if your windows face the morning sun, make sure you have those blinds tucked well into the wall

Shower or bathe before Bed & Try to get into a routine

Try to take a bath or shower two hours before getting into bed.

Your temperature can cool enough to leave you having that ‘fresh sheet feeling’.

If you add lavender bubble bath or Epsom salts, it can be a great way to pamper yourself with a book or music to reflect on your day, week or the last few hours in a calm & relaxing way. It may feel like you’re becoming a child again, but Mum & Dad knew best with a book & bed early on.

Your body gets used to switching off, if you add the same routine into your evenings. Sure, have the odd night or two going crazy, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to keep things in a pattern & steady for a good nights sleep

Epsom Salts

Go for a walk & limit your caffeine intake

Before winding down, if I get time, I always like to try a do a brief light walk.

It may only be around the block, but the light exercise drags you away from the TV, phone or computer & it allows you to get in a good headspace for the remainder of the evening. I have also switched to de-caf tea in the evenings.

I still get that warm, soothing drink, but I am not keeping my mind active late at night.

Create a calm atmosphere

I have started to use sleep spray.

I don’t know if it’s phycological for all you sceptics out there, but it certainly works for me, anyway.

I tend to spray the pillows lightly which adds a calming aromatherapy smell in the evening.

Even my partner enjoys the smell & says he finds it relaxing! If the day has been particularly stressful, I also turn on calming music to get myself away from my thoughts and help me find that piece of calm between sleep and awake

Sleep Care Package
How are you finding sleep at the moment? Have you tried any of these?

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