Our guide to unknowingly becoming a little bit more Eco this Christmas

They say, Christmas is the time for giving. It’s also the time to reflect & enjoy the little things. It’s the one time of year, you can try to truly relax, put your feet up and enjoy your loved ones (for 5 minutes, at least!)

Well we agree. The best things in life are free!

You can give your time, your advice, your love or your support to all around you.

We’d like to hope that no one goes without this Christmas & that everyone can be kind & thoughtful to remember the true meaning of Christmas by thinking of others and respecting our planet. .

If you’re thinking of buying gifts this year, we have rounded up our top tips on being more eco-friendly this festive season. This is just a small snippet of what we offer, but we hope this can help inspire your choices this year to become a little bit more plastic free!

Making your guests feel at home

We love doing this at home. It’s relatively easy & cheap, but instead of a chocolate on the pillow, how about a little travel soap? Your guests will love the thought & can use the soap whilst they stay with you or take it away to remember their time away. Its such a simple & effective way of gaining brownie points particularly with the in-laws!

The big day of mammoth cooking

If you’re anything like us, you feel pretty ambitious at the start of December, a little bit confident that you’ve arranged the Christmas dinner & then Christmas Eve, it dawns on you! It’s always chaos, definitely needing slick organisation & you start to regret inviting Aunty Mabel! Our suggestion would be get organised early. Get your jars, storage pots & vegan or beeswax wraps at the ready! Christmas sauces & chutneys can be made well in advance & stored for convenience. Don’t lose faith!

Stocking fillers or forgotten gifts

We have an abundance of stocking filler ideas but our favourites are definitely the plastic free travel kits and soap samplers. These come in their own packaging so dont necessarily have to be wrapped and are a great gift for any keen traveller or someone starting out on their eco journey looking for an all in one solution

Grow your own

The gift that keeps on giving

Not only do they look more expensive than they are but they are fantastic for the bees, your garden & are suitable for everyone! Take a look at our garden kits, ranging from bee bombs, seeds or growing your own garden kits. These are great for Children & Adults alike. They’re even great gift ideas for those difficult people who seem to have everything and you don’t know what to get them! (Alcohol for over 18’s only please).

De-stress with our selection of candles & diffusers

You’ll need these all the way through the festive period! Our candles are (of course) environmentally friendly & made in the UK but they are also made from natural ingredients. All of the packaging is compostable or can be recycled and generally the glass jars or diffusers can be reused! Nothing is single use here. Ranging from our talented artisans & Mums working from their kitchens, to the bigger brands who produce in their factories all over the British Isles from Scotland to Devon!

Did you know that some of these are considered environmentally friendly?

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