Appletree & Avalon British Grown Vegetable & Herb Seeds in reusable glass pots

British grown seeds, grown in small batches for replanting

Great for containers or the allotment.

Start your zero-waste journey today & why not try to grow your own!

A great activity with Children too. You’re never too young to try



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If your product comes in packaging, it will either be home compostable, biodegradable, or could be reused or recycled


Sage Seeds – 40 pack. Sow between Feb & May, these take c365 days to mature. When grown from seed, sage takes about 2 years to reach mature size.

Coriander Seeds – 250 Pack. Sow anytime within the year, these take c75-95 days to mature.

Nantes Carrots Seeds – 1000 Pack.  They grow to about 15cm long. Sow anytime within the year, these take c100 days to mature. A classic carrot well-suited to both second early & main crops.

Curly Cress Seeds – 1000 Pack.  Sow all year round. Cress is so versatile & easy to grow. Great to start the kids off with

Basil Classic Italian Seeds – 600 Pack. This basil is super easy to grow, produces a huge crop of leaves, needs very little other than good heat & sunshine, & is relatively slow to bolt. Sow between April & June, these take c75 days to mature.

Gardener’s Delight Tomato Seeds – 50 Pack. The Gardener’s Delight is an old, early season German heirloom that produces prolific clusters of 6 to 12 cherry tomatoes all summer long. The Gardener’s Delight is a RHS AGM variety that is reliable & prolific regardless of whether it’s grown outdoors or in the greenhouse. Height: 200cm (79″). Spread: 50cm (20″). Sow between Dec & April, these take c75 days to mature.

Dwarf Kale Seeds – 300 Pack. Unlike other kales, it thrives in poorer soils & windy environments, & will continue to produce tender greens even during harsh winter conditions. It’s perfect for unsheltered, windswept plots & allotments with poor soil making it the easiest veg to grow! Sow between March & May, these take c70 days to mature.

Sweet Pepper Seeds – 100 Pack. Just like the peppers you’ll find in the supermarket, the California Wonder produces thick-walled, blocky green peppers, which turn to red if left on the plant. The fruits tend to be 4” tall & wide & particularly sweet. The plants can reach up to 30 inches tall & grow well either in large pots or planted directly in the ground, & when planted in greenhouses, needs little to no maintenance.  Sow between Feb & April, these take c75 days to mature.

Alicante Tomato Seeds – 50 Pack. A medium-sized tomato very similar to Money-maker in size & taste although produces a slightly earlier crop. Any later fruits can be harvested & will continue to ripen on the window sill. Sow between Jan & Apr, these take c65 days to mature.

Ambassador Courgette Seeds – 10 Pack. Sow in March for a crop as early as July. This popular variety is quick maturing & takes only 50 days to reach maturity. Known as zucchini in the US, courgettes are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in thee home garden or allotment.

Money Maker Tomato Seeds – 50 Pack. These fruits are sweet & what you would consider a perfectly classic tomato. Money makers perform well in / outside & will set fruit in just about any weather. Sow between Dec & April, these take c75-95 days to mature. Known for its reliable cropping & heavy yields, this medium-early/main season greenhouse tomato won’t disappoint. A true old English greenhouse heirloom.

Chives Seeds – 500 Pack. The greens are mildly oniony necessary for many a savoury dish & the flowers create a perfect garnish for just about any dish. Sow between March & May, these take c80 days to mature. Beautiful, edible flowers & a light oniony flavour make chives a must for every kitchen garden. Perennial.

Rosemary Seeds – 100 Pack. Rosemary is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 3 meters tall. Its leaves are used to season a variety of dishes ranging from meat & fish to vegetable dishes or soups. Sow between March & May, these take c100-120 days to mature. A fragrant herb & essential component of countless dishes, no herb garden or allotment would be complete without rosemary. Smells amazing too!

Thyme Seeds – 600 Pack. A key ingredient in dishes from around the world, thyme is well loved by humans & bees alike. Thyme seeds retain their germinating power for up to three years. Sow between April & June, these take c75 days to mature.

Pumpkin Seeds – 10 Pack. If you’re looking to get really huge pumpkins, select just one or two of the first pumpkins on the vine (try to pick those with the best shape). Remove the others and any that form in the future. This will allow the plant to give all its energy to the 1-2 you select. Sow between Mar & April, these take c75-95 days to mature

For best results use within 1 year of purchase.


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