BeeBalmy Beauty Balm 120ml

A multipurpose beauty balm that has been formulated as an oil based cleanser, a nourishing face mask & also an exfoliator!

It really is all the skincare you need in one jar!

The beauty balm is a heavenly blend of oils and botanicals, all chosen for their skin enriching properties and all grown, of course, right here in the UK.




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Poppyseed oil, grown in East Anglia is cold pressed to preserve exceptional levels of vitamin E, a well known antioxidant. Antioxidants can help to brighten the skin and vitamin E in particular encourages skin repair, leading to a youthful glow!

English yarrow essential oil is blended in to the balm and gives it a delightful blue green colour. Yarrow has been used for centuries as an astringent, and, applied to the skin, helps to balance the complexion; banishing excess oils yet providing nourishing and repairing properties. Yarrow really is a hero of skincare.

To use as a exfoliating cleanser;

Apply a pea sized amount to dry skin. Massage gently in to the face and eyelids. Rinse with a muslin cloth under hot water and gently exfoliate and wipe away make up and the grime of the day. You may find your skin is moisturised enough, but if not, reapply a small amount after cleansing as a moisturiser.

To use as a nourishing face mask;

Apply a pea sized amount to the face and neck. Relax and leave on for at least 30 minutes to enjoy all the skin nourishing properties.

This beauty balm can also be used as a lip balm, hair mask, and it can even be used to tame unruly eyebrows or add highlights to cheekbones! It really is all you need!

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Mummy balm

60ml, 120ml


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