Earthsong Organic Tulsi 50 seeds

Ocimum tenuiflorum

Carefully selected collection of medicinal seeds for you to create your very own herb garden.

Originating in India and across south-east Asia, Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is renowned for its religious and spiritual connotations and is often grown around Hindu temples. It is widely consumed as a food, drink and in a therapeutic setting.

The leaves as well as the seeds have important roles in traditional Ayurveda and other health traditions, with the leaves commonly used in fever management, including in children, in respiratory and digestive upsets, and fluid retention. It is also used in Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisines wherever in the world these are consumed.

The Earthsong Seed Nursery is in the South-West of the UK & are in the process of officially converting to organic with the Soil Association.



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As you inhale over a cup of tulsi tea you cannot mistake the clove-like aroma of the eugenol, a key constituent of this aromatic herb. The clove taste comes through on the first sip too with the rest of the flavours lemony, slightly camphorous pungency with a touch of eucalyptus. It is immediately uplifting with a pleasant heady effect.

Tulsi seeds require warmth and light to germinate so for best results sow indoors or in a heated propagator; sow on the surface and gently press the seeds into the soil keeping the soil damp until germination. Transplant or thin with a spacing of 30-45cm between plants. Grow in a warm and sheltered spots or a cosy greenhouse to get the best results.

We have been selling a couple of different varieties in 2022; the organic certified seed (batch OciT-OBS-151) is from south India and seems to require more warmth than the other varieties to germinate.

Tulsi is a fantastic rejuvenate to the mind and spirit. It will improve the circulation to the brain but also provide oxidative protection to the brain cells, and reducing neuro-inflammatory influences that are now known to contribute to a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Tulsi is classed as an adaptogen because it has a stabilising effect on the adrenal responses and reduces cortisol and adrenaline levels. It’s ability to do this whilst also calming the central nervous system make it excellent for dealing with emotional trauma and helping you to ‘move on’ and find clarity. Tulsi will counteract brain fog and exhaustion, particularly after trauma, depression and anxiety. It also steadies the adrenal hormonal stress response allowing you to cope better under pressure. It has a significant impact upon conditions that are exacerbated by stress and anxiety, such as high blood pressure and tension headaches.

The pungent and fragrant volatile oils are felt to relieve congestion throughout the body and particularly within the respiratory system where it is an effective expectorant and has been used to reduce wheezing and tightness in the chest associated with asthma. Here, and also in the digestive system, tulsi will increase mucosal defences against chronic and repetitive infection. It has been used in larger doses as an aid to fever management.

As a refreshing beverage tulsi tea can be used instead of black tea or coffee as a a non-caffeine gentle stimulant.

Pick a fresh Tulsi sprig and enjoy steeped in a cup of tea.
It also dries well in a warm room that is well ventilated, or in a dehydrator, for use later in the year.
Perhaps best of all is a glycerite. Mix 200g fresh tulsi in 1000ml organic glycerine. Leave to macerate for two weeks, strain, bottle and store. This is very soothing for your throat and mind.
Or you can make a tincture or add to a syrup.


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