Biodegradable 120 pack Dog bags

These top-selling home compostable/ biodegradable poo bags are not only plastic-free but they’re made in Yorkshire, meaning they have a super low carbon footprint.

Each box contains 120 bags, with each roll fitting neatly into a standard poo bag dispenser.

This is enough for an average 2 months supply!



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All packaging is biodegradable, can be reused or recycled


  • Biodegradable Bags – 100% corn starch
  • Packaging –  100% recycled card

Please always pick up what your dog leaves & dispose of in local bins. Alternatively these can be popped on your composting heap – however, please don’t use this compost on edible plants & keep away from Children.

The bags are certified Home (OK compost) & Industrially (ATSM D6400 and EN13432) Compostable


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