Half-cut Candles Cinnamon & Stewed Apple Recycled Candle

Literally our favourite scent in our candle range for A/W! These smell incredible!

So many celebrations & memories are made over a glass of wine or fizz. These give you a chance to capture those times, rather than throw them away.

As these are made from recycled wine bottles, we cannot guarantee the colour of the bottle will match the picture, so it may differ.



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If your product comes in packaging, it will either be home compostable, biodegradable, or could be reused or recycled


Burn Time: approx. 50 hours

Hand-poured 100% natural plant wax candle, in recycled glass.

Comes boxed


When burning your soy candle for the first time, it’s important to allow the candle to burn for 2.5 to 3 hours. Soy wax has a “memory” & allowing your candle to create its initial memory burn will help create a full melt pool of wax, this increases the scent throw.

To prevent your soy candle from producing black soot, trim your wick to 1/4” before lighting. If the wick has a large flame, or starts to flicker, extinguish and let cool, re-trim wick & re-light.

The natural fiber wicks are self-trimming & are made to curl slightly when burning, which help the candle produce lower soot. At times a carbon mushroom may appear at the top of the wick, this is unburned carbon that has collected. If this happens to your candle, extinguish it, let cool & trim the wick.

All wax is sourced sustainably & responsibly to avoid deforestation & the brand uses small-hold farmers that are closely monitored in that regard.




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