Plastic Free dissolvable Multi Bathroom Cleaner Pack of 5

Iron & Velvet (no1)

For removal of soap marks, limescale build-up and watermarks you want a multi-purpose product which can handle a range of bathroom problems

This Multisurface Cleanser is just that, a versatile product which will leave your bathroom sparkling



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If your product comes in packaging, it will either be home compostable, biodegradable, or could be reused or recycled


Usage Directions for your Multi Bathroom Cleaner:

1. Rinse your empty bottle with water

2. Remove the sachet from its presentation box

3. Insert the sachet into your bottle

4. Top up to 500ml with lukewarm water

5. Replace and tighten the trigger/lid

6. Shake until dissolved and it’s ready to use!


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