Moksa Facial Ritual Kit

A perfectly proportioned set of travel-sized versions for your daily Moksa Facial Ritual.

These mini’s were our first introduction to this brand & we’ve not looked back since. We also sell these individually when you run out or if you want to upgrade to the bigger set, we have discounted this for our regular customers.

If you suffer with skin irritations, eczema or acne, this facial routine is one of the best things out there & is completely natural!

The kit contains:

  • Lavender & Chamomile Cleansing Oil 10ml
  • Wild Rose Toning Mist 30ml
  • Wild Rose Facial Elixir 10ml
  • Two-Faced Organic Cotton Cleansing Cloth

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The Moksa Facial Ritual / It is a common misconception that putting oil on your skin makes your skin oily – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your skin needs oil and by cleansing with an oil cleanser and following with a facial oil this helps to balance out the skin’s natural oil levels. The principle is that oil dissolves oil, so the cleansing oil actually breaks down the dirt and grime in your face without stripping it of its natural lipids.

That squeaky clean feeling you get with a lot of cleansers is because you’re actually stripping your skin of its natural oil, making it work extra hard to try and produce more – having completely the opposite desired effect!
Try our ritual to really balance and calm your skin.

Breathe / Pour a small amount of cleansing oil into your palm and gently rub between hands. Cup your hands over your face, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly into your hands a few times and really feel the calming and euphoric effects of the lavender and chamomile.

Massage / Once you’ve calmed your mind, keeping your eyes gently closed, massage the oil into the face in upward circular movements really working into your face and pores. Be extra careful around the eye area but with your ring fingers just lightly massage into lashes to encourage the removal of any eye makeup.

Steam / Taking a cotton face cloth, run it under very warm water, squeeze out any excess water and place gently over the whole face until it cools. This steaming method really helps to open the pores, allowing the oil to work its magic at removing all those impurities. Repeat as you feel necessary and really take your time, this is the relaxing bit!

Cleanse / Now the oil has had time to really work into the skin, take your cloth and using the slightly rough, exfoliating side, gently wipe away all traces of the day from your face. To finish, use the lovely super soft side around the eyes and again over the face.

Tone & Hydrate / Spritz a little Wild Rose Toning Mist and lightly press into skin.

Moisturise & Nourish / Using fingertips, gently massage a few drops of Wild Rose Facial Elixir, into your face. This is when you will really feel how silky soft your skin is!


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