Neve’s Bees Unfragranced Facial Night Balm

A rich, whipped Nightly Balm packed full of nature’s wonders – great for those who prefer their skincare plain and simple.

Skincare consists of three different types of moisturisers – each with an important role to play:

  • Humectants -Draw water into the skin to keep it hydrated
  • Emollients – Smooth the skin by filling in the gaps between the cells
  • Occlusives – Seal water in by forming a protective layer on top of the skin

A well-balanced skincare routine should, ideally, contain humectants, emollients and occlusives.

When you buy this product, this brand donates a % of profits to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust.

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Rich, Moisturising Skin Food

Most skincare products are made of up to 80% water which isn’t adding any value to you, indeed the chemicals added to mix the water with the oil and stop the bacteria growing in the water will disrupt your natural skin flora, leaving your skin exposed to UV, environmental pollutants and other damage.

No water is added to this facial product, just pure natural humectants, emollients and occlusives to give your skin all the nourishment and plumpness it needs!

Packed full of natural emollients, occlusives and humectants, to smooth the skin and diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles with botanicals to add nature’s magic so you can truly love the skin you’re in :

  • Wildcrafted Beeswax – with its propolis and honey intact is a natural occlusive which allows the skin to breathe and humectant (works in a similar way to the synthetic hyaluronic acid), drawing water into the skin throughout the day, keeping it plump and refreshed throughout the night or day.
  • Natural Olive Squalene – a wonderful emollient which sinks into the skin quickly to plump it up and make it feel soft and smooth. It is believed to slow down water loss from the skin, boosting skin’s moisture and making the complexion look more radiant and nourished
  • Sustainably sourced Argan Oil – the King of Oils and a lush emollient! Many studies indicate argon oil to be effective at reducing signs of ageing
  • Organic Shea Butter – a beautiful emollient and occlusive to protect the skin with anti-inflammatory and healing properties

How To Use: After cleansing, simply massage a small pea-size of Night Balm into your face


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