The Mavrik Non-Alcoholic drink cans Multi 4 Pack

Mavrik is a range of non alcoholic, low calorie cocktails that look good, taste great & are conveniently packed in 250ml cans.

They are not just cocktail substitutes but crafted drinks with a unique appeal in their own right for free-spirited adults who are happy to avoid alcohol & its after effects.

Exquisitely Crafted, Non Alcoholic, No Sweeteners & Low Calorie

All drinks can be drunk straight from can, room temperature of cold or apply the appropriate garnish and a scoop of ice and you have a delicious long drink that will leave you feeling fresh and alert, free of that cloying sugary after-taste.

Cans are fully recyclable



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To get the best out of your drinks, why not spice it up a bit!

Enjoy a refreshing twist on the classic English drink, gin and tonic. This version features Italian bitters and citric notes for a burst of flavour and no alcohol. Squeeze some fresh lime over the inside of the glass, then add three ice cubes before pouring over the Aromatic G&T and garnish with a further slice of lime or a handful of delicious pomegranate seeds.

Ingredients: Carbonated New Forest Spring Water, natural Fructose and flavourings including, quinine, juniper berries, tonic and Italian bitters.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring water, natural fructose with natural lime juice (not from concentrate), rum flavourings, brown sugar, mint and Italian bitters.
Venetian Spritz
A non-alcoholic Spritz that is low in calories and with a refreshing and uplifting taste. Its flavour is inspired by the classic Venetian beverage, which is sweet yet dry and perfect for a refreshing sundowner.
Fill the glass with ice, pour over the Venetian Spritz and garnish with a slice of orange, serve ice cold. It’s that simple!
Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, fructose, quinine, various natural flavourings including orange, rhubarb and grapefruit, Citric Acid
Storm & Spice
A fiery, tongue-tickling, low-calorie, alcohol-free version of this classic & spicy Bermudan Storm and Spice rum beverage. Fill a tall glass with ice, rub a wedge of orange round the rim and drop it into the glass. For the ginger officiandos, cut a small slice of ginger for that extra wow. Finish by pouring over the Mavrik Non-Alcoholic Dark and Stormy.
Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, fructose, natural lime juice (not from concentrate), ginger and rum flavourings and bitters.


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