Were our Grandparents right after all?

Now, don’t get us wrong, no one is cringing more than us with what we’re about to say & we’re certainly not suggesting that we head back to the ‘dark ages’, but we have come to the conclusion that some of the ways in which we were taught to do things growing up, may just be helpful in the future.

Technology has come a long way over the last 100 years and its helped us develop phenomenally. However, we don’t seem to have grasped that it’s also made us slightly lazier and introvert at the same time.

When we think back to those eye rolling moments, where we were told to sit up straight, watch how many times we said the word ‘like’ in my sentence or told to make sure we ate properly, it’s hard to admit & digest that as an adult when you find yourselves reflecting on those moments, those points may not only have been helpful for our future, but that they were pieces of guidance that were probably right!

Maybe its common sense, but we definitely know that revisiting these memories, we have realised just how influenced we’ve become by ‘modern life’. We all feel that pressure is worse than it was in the past (for different reasons maybe), and now that more stereotypical families have both parents out working, convenience wins every time!

We’ve therefore come up with a few quick & simple ways to effectively meet the demands of everyday life, but provide solutions that would be better for the environment, your bank balance & to make our Grandparents happy!

Buy less ‘stuff’

It’s definitely become apparent to us, that everyone can cut down a little bit without really noticing. For example, before we started our zero waste journeys, we would have a habit of buying a new shampoo & because it was on offer, we’d buy another just to keep as a spare. These ‘spare’s’ soon piled up & we even forgot at times what we had in the cupboard! Embarrassing, but true! It’s only when we realised that when you only use what you need, you start to notice that it lasts longer, because you make it count!


Avoid chemicals and micro plastics in cleaning yourself & your home

There are lots of options out there now. At Appletree and Avalon we’ve only stocked palm oil free, cruelty free and chemical free ranges. We’ve also personally decided to change from convenient soap dispensers to soaps. We will never go back!

Find alternatives for the plastic problem

It wasn’t that long ago that we all lived without so much plastic in our lives. If you think back to your childhood or your parents, there were alternatives that lasted longer, that still exist today as an option. Why have we become so dependent on cost & consumption!
In the UK, however, we’re getting so good at refusing plastic bags at the till for example, the overall, sales of single-use bags by big supermarkets have fallen 90% since the 5p charge was introduced

butty bag plain front

Reduce food waste & get inventive with ‘leftovers’

For anyone living with a man who loves his food, you will understand that when he cooks, he cooks for his double! This means, that in my household anyway, there’s a potential for leftovers. To encourage less food wastage, we now deliberately cook a large meal that can last a few days. Perfect for autumn & winter evenings when you are late home from work. We have tried soups, vegetable bakes, pasta & even desserts!

Use less water

It used to drive me mad as a child that I couldn’t let the water just run & had to conserve the soapy remains in the washing up bowl. However, there is method in this. Think about the summer when the supply & demand is challenging! You could use the excess on plants instead of using the hose pipe. We always consider quick showers over baths too!

And, if you’re really stuck for ideas: Get creative & reinvent your wardrobe Does fashion even exist these days? The trends that occur, come around every few years! It is true that if you spend a bit more, the quality should be higher & things will generally last longer. This isn’t easy on a low salary, but it can be done! If you can start with your staples, then you should still be able to see the benefits. Try it with jeans for example! They really can last a lifetime! Walk more, enjoy nature and invest in your mental health Something we can all do. Look up from our phones, talk to each other and support one another. If your trip is round the block, try walking instead of driving. Get out there! The world is beautiful & it’s better seeing this in real life!!!! Dedicated to my Grannie What are the best things your Grandparents taught you?

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