What makes Appletree & Avalon so different?


Appletree & Avalon is not a market place.
We don’t want to be, nor will we become a vast line list of products converting shoppers from commodity plastic items, simply to more trend led ‘eco-friendly’ options.
We are an online only independent, passionate about nature, the climate & our planet.
Just like you, we are worried for our future & want to try to be part of helping influence change against the consumerism which has consumed us on a global scale. We want to take an active part in supporting causes & charities through our own direct support, our partnerships & through our wonderful brands


The only Amazon we care about, is the one ‘we’re’ chopping down on an exponential rate.
That’s why we scrutinise all of our suppliers, their manufacturing process, the product ingredients & their carbon footprint before listing a product we feel adds value but that minimises any impact on the planet or eco system.
We will only ever buy from UK Manufacturers so that we can ensure that we are helping the UK economy, lowering global carbon footprint & so that you are receiving homemade quality, you cannot achieve elsewhere.
As a small business ourselves, you can be confident that in most cases your product has only ever touched three people’s hands! The creator, the provider & the postman! It is as simple as that!


We don’t focus on one issue to encourage sales. If we say we’re doing something, we will! We also won’t always promote what we do, because it’s already built in us to plant trees & give back to our chosen charities & causes, without marketing it all the time for our own gain.
We will still offer choice for everyone on their journey to a more sustainable future, but hopefully you can see that we have taken extra steps to understand the end to end journey of the products in our range unlike other companies and not just add to our range for the sake of it.



We want to take our time to build good relationships with everyone we work with or come across & we aren’t interested in diluting our message across lots of different routes to markets just to earn a quick buck!
Everything we earn is reinvested in the business or our chosen charity partner.


We want to offer our customers quality over quantity & ensure that you get the best experience out of your purchase from Appletree & Avalon.
We are extremely grateful & lucky that we have established some really loyal followers already & we love engaging with you all and seeing what we can learn from you, how we can improve or provide you with more information
That is what is most important to us, so that we can build a community around what we do & support each other on our journeys

Have your say? Whats important to you?

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