Why we’re keeping it British


Appletree and Avalon is the first 100% eco-friendly & made in the UK independent Home, Beauty & Gift store. It’s the only one in the world!

At the beginning of our journey, not only were we concerned about the global impact of climate change, but we felt consumed by the ever demanding consumerism faced on British soil & the increasing waste that society is creating with that demand.

Since ‘Blue Planet’ aired and more recently, programmes such as ‘War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita’, great things have started to happen, but not quick enough.

It seems that whenever climate change is debated in the media or government, the subject is commonly deflected by those who aren’t supporting it, as a greater issue in another country.

One thing that’s clear, is that this is not an isolated issue & whilst some countries are worse than others, we have a responsibility not only in our own countries, but to be more aware of where our products come from and start to make more conscious decisions around the impact of those decisions we’re all making. Those countries could be worse because it might be us that is driving it.

No-one is perfect, and we’re certainly not here to ridicule anyone, but it is within our power to be more aware of what we are all doing.

Appletree and Avalon have decided to therefore stick to our roots and support our British manufacturers. We did this before Brexit, before recent events & before everyone else started to get on the band wagon!

We did this because this will not only help our local businesses but will minimise our carbon footprint & therefore assist & aid the global impact on the environment. We are truly passionate about nature, the planet & what we do. Don’t forget, we are also a small independent too even though we’re online & support all these other amazing brands!

Everything, from our product selections to our packaging is manufactured in the UK and is all environmentally friendly.

As a small business ourselves, it means that we can truly support the partners we chose to work or collaborate with and also ensure that we check the finer details, larger retailers may not. We also make it our business to be transparent with our valuable customers.

What does manufactured in the UK really mean?

There is sometimes confusion around a ‘UK brand’ & ‘Made in the UK’.

A brand in the UK can (& does) have the ability to import goods from overseas. Many UK brands will design a product in the UK and have it manufactured in China or India for example.

This does not mean that it is ‘Made in the UK’.

Really look into the products that you’re buying because a lot of retailers will say ‘Made in the UK’, but the products aren’t a lot of the time which is completely false advertising. A bit like the greenwashing you see too!

With us, everything traceable & you can truly trust what we tell you, because we dont hide things from our customers. We’re not afraid of the good, the bad or the ugly!

Ironically & historically, due to the volume currently made, it can mean that there are cheaper options out there but it doesn’t always mean that it is better quality, or that workers are being paid or cared for appropriately.

Don’t forget that this also means that product has to be shipped or flown over from the other side of the world. The journey doesn’t stop there either, it’s then generally trucked to a warehouse where it is stored until someone asks to range it.

It will then be trucked a minimum of twice more before reaching a customer.

This is why we maintain a lower carbon footprint, because unlike everyone else, we dont do those things. We actively work with our suppliers to minimise waste & we ourselves create none!

When you buy a UK manufactured product from Appletree and Avalon, these products have genuinely been either handmade by a small business (generally one person!) or made by a UK manufacturer that makes everything from a factory, here, in the UK.

This is where not only the design has been done in house, but the physical product has also constructed (not assembled).

We know that there will still be some minor components or ingredients that we cannot avoid coming from outside of the UK (these will be generally better for the environment & will be listed in the descriptions), but we hope that we have been able to demonstrate what makes our brands and partners so special.

We love that we can support all kinds of wonderful talent and give back not only to nature but our amazing community.

What are your thoughts on buying from smaller businesses?

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